Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lib al Koosa/Koosa insides

Lib is what arabs call the inside of the koosa (squash), the part we core out before we stuff them. I always save the lib and cook it, there are 2 ways of cooking it and this is my favorite. If you just want to try the dish and didn't core any squash feel free to just roughly chop up the squash, same thing. Oh and sorry i have been so MIA lately on the blog but i needed a break from this all because i have been so busy and stressed about my practicum for next year. Anyways here is how i make lib al koosa or lib bzeit.
Ok so in a pan i add a little extra virgin olive oil and let it get hot.
Add in all of the lib (if you notice it really watery squeeze as much water out as you can or just strain it)
Stir the mixture a little so that the oil gets mixed in well.
Ok so without adding any salt A LOT of water will be released by the lib, let it keep cooking until it dries out. Keep an eye on it though because you don't want it to burn or stick to the bottom.
While you are cooking off all the water smash up some garlic with some salt. I don't add salt to this dish anywhere but here because the lib gets really salty really fast. Add as little salt as you can.

Once the mixture is cooked and most of the water is gone add in the garlic and mix
Once the garlic is mixed it add in the dried mint. I know not everyone has dried mint on hand all the time and i am sure you can use fresh mint but i have honestly never tried it. If you do try it with fresh mint let me know how it turns out.
Mix well
I serve it in a plate and drizzle the tiniest bit of more extra virgin olive oil on it. It is eaten with pita bread and is a side dish. This can be eaten hot or served cold (i prefer cold)

Written Recipe:
The lib of roughly 10 big Koosa
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (plus more to drizzle on later)
3 small cloves of garlic smashed with some salt
1 tablespoon of dried mint


  1. Hi Maysa

    There is a name for this dish, isn't it? I can't remember.

  2. Hi Kano,
    I have no idea (my mom is american so we use to just call it the koos insides) so i asked my MIL and husband and they said lib or lib you know another a blogger out

  3. We call it Lebb Koosa too... I put cumin instead of mint ... mmmmmmmmmm i love lebb..

  4. this is the correct name for this recipe: Lib Kusa bil Zait . and you can call it also Zucchini Pulp with olive oil :)
    i like this dish, light and easy to make. i usually serve it with lemons on the side.

  5. My friend from Syria was preparing Zucchini last night for a luncheon she is giving today and gave me the Zucchini pulp as she was only using the Zucchini for stuffing. She told me about this recipe. Will make for a party tonight!