Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fatet jaj جاج

Fatet Jaj mmmmmm is all i can say when i think of this, it is so scrumptious. Arabs love fateh, we have a few different kinds and all of them are delicious. Syrians serve this as a side dish, never is it a main meal (although i wouldn't mind eating it as one) and some people do serve it as a main meal (not sure which countries) but they add a layer of white rice to it, its really good but i cant stray away from the original. In my previous post i made mloukhiyeh for which i needed to boil chicken so from the extra chicken i made this. Here is how to make a really easy and fast side dish.

First we start off by making the yogurt top. First I add garlic
Then i add Tahini paste (or sesame paste, if you can't find this then it can easily be made)
A squirt of lemon juice and some salt.
Next i cut and fry up pita bread, if you have children in the house keep the bread away from them, children love this, i turned my back for one second and he had already eaten half of the fried pita (habib albi).
So right before you are about to serve this dish put the pita chips in the dish that you plan on serving, a layer just hick enough so you cant see the bottom of the bowl. Add the hot chicken broth just to moisten the bread a little.
Next top it with the (room temperature otherwise it cools the whole dish down) yogurt mixture. Add the chicken and fried almonds and the most important topping....PARSLEY. I just want to say that i need parsley when it comes to certain foods. I hate when people say oh who ever missed the parsley in a plate....I DO...when its needed its needed this is one of my most favorite herbs.

Written Recipe: Some measurements are not included because it depends on how much you are making
Fried pita bread
boiled chicken with the broth
yogurt mixture:
1 cup of yogurt
1 garlic clove smashed
3 tablespoons of tahini paste
Squirt of 1 lemon or a teaspoon
salt to taste
Fried almonds
chopped parsley

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