Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sparkling Lemonade Arab Style ليمونادا غازية

Well if you haven't noticed yet....I am a bit obsessed with everything that reminds me of Syria. This is a lemonade that i drank at the amazing restaurants in Syria last time i went. I changed it a little because Oussama isn't a huge fan of mint.

Start off by squeezing the juice of 2 lemons (about 2/3 cup) and place it in a container. If you want you can make more of this mixture and keep it in the fridge for whenever you feel like having a refreshing drink.

To the lemon juice i add about 1/2 cup of atar (arabic simple syrup with rose water and orange blossom water, ingredients and directions can be found on my Hrissa post) Of course this measurement is approximate because it depends on how sweet you like your drink and how sour the lemons were (i don't like mine too sweet so this is a good amount to start with)
Now if we wanted to make this the real lemonade and mint i would take my mixture of lemon juice and syrup and blend it in the blender with a bunch of picked mint leaves and then strain the chunks of mint) Fill a glass about half way with the concentrated lemon juice.
Slowly pour Perrier (or any sparkling water or plain water) over the lemon juice and ice and serve!! I garnished my cup with julienne slices of mint leaves, its pretty and yummy and refreshing. MMMMMMMMMM

Written Recipe:
Juice of 2 lemons or 2/3 cups
1/2 cup of Arabic simple syrup
Perrier water
mint leaves

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