Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tamarhindi شراب التمرهندي

What is more Ramadan like and Syrian than tamarhindi!!! i love the stuff its like a thickish brown arabic version of a lemonade. I actually never tasted the stuff until after i got married. My MIL came from Syrian and taught me how to make it (Allah ikhalilna yaha). The only problem with this drink is that it has the same effects as apricots...if you get my drift.

Tamarhindi comes in a package like this when it is not in the pod. It says seedless but it really isn't. Oh and if your wondering NO you cannot just use the jarred tamarhindi paste, it doesn't really taste the same.
break the bar into pieces into a pan
add enough water to just barely cover the chunks of tamahindi
Let the mixture boil for a little, until the tamarhindi breaks up
Next you want to strain the mixture into a bowl pressing as much as you can so that you have smooth tamarhindi in the bowl and in the sieve your left with fibers and seeds.
This is what the paste looks like.
Put the paste in the container and fill with water (for my tamahindi i added enough water to fill a 56 ounce container) and then add sugar to taste, i added in mine about 6 to 7 tablespoons of sugar.
If you want to cut some sugar out you can add ma ward in it, it tastes really good like that but my husband doesn't like it so i never add it.
Pour and serve to your thirsty guests!! but remember don't let them have TOO much or they will hate you later that night.


  1. hi maysa, first of all thank you for your wonderful recipes, i just wanna ask if this tamer is the same we are using in ma'mool?

  2. Hi Salwa, no this is a recipe for tamarhindi which is a dry pod that grows on trees and is used to add a sour taste to dishes. Tamer are dates which are grown on palm trees and dried and very sweet. Tamerhindi is used in a lot of dishes like yalangi, hara2 basba3o and so on (sour dishes)

  3. thanks Maysa, the picture got clear, i never did it but now i have to, i'll try to find tamerhindi nearby